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Monday, August 8, 2016

House Hunting Tips From SSS

There is already a long list that needs to be considered when in the market for a new home. One thing that may get forgotten about is the septic system on the property! We have an old family saying here at Suburban Sanitation, “Out of sight, out of mind….”  A septic system is a vital component of the home and having it thoroughly inspected prior to purchase can prevent costly repairs. A well maintained septic system will stay clear and free flowing for many years. Being well informed is a great way to avoid having problems with the septic system. So for everyone out there that are in the market for a new home or just recently purchased one, keep in mind the following tips regarding septic systems: 

  • You’ll find a septic system with homes where city sewer hookups are unavailable. These standalone systems are designed to dispose of and treat the household’s wastewater independently. 
  • A septic system is an onsite sewage treatment and disposal system buried in the ground that usually consists of a septic tank and soil absorption area.
  • Septic tank sizes are determined by the age of the system, number of bedrooms in the home and whether or not there is a garbage disposal. 
  • Contingent upon the year of the home, the septic drawing or “as-built” should be available at the local health department. 
  • When purchasing a new home, you should always get the septic system fully inspected (we’ve got you covered on that). Our septic system inspections provide information in regards to the overall condition of the system. We also provide recommendations if needed for any repairs. Here is what we include:
  • We check public records for septic drawing and/or information pertaining to the age and location of the existing septic system.
  • We locate, uncover and access the tank(s)
  • Inspect the condition of the septic tank/baffles/tees for cracks, deterioration, or missing components.
  • Determine if the access covers to the septic tank meet the State of Connecticut health code requirements of not exceeding 12” below grade and having proper cover.
  • Inspect the condition of the septic tank for structural soundness.
  • Determine liquid levels and sludge depth.
  • A video camera inspection of the inlet and outlet pipes.
  • Introduce 150 gallons of environmentally friendly dyed water into the leaching system.
  • Monitor the liquid level reaction within the septic tank.
  • Probe and inspect absorption area to determine location and inspect for excessive moisture, effluent, and/or odor.
  • A written report will be submitted (via email or fax) the following business day, unless otherwise specified.
  • We prefer that the septic tank not be cleaned prior to the inspection so that we may monitor the system as it normally functions; the septic tank may be cleaned after the inspection is completed. If problems are noted during the septic inspection, photos are taken to document the problem and put on file. We respect the privacy of all our clients; all information is strictly confidential to the person(s) requesting the inspection.
  • • We recommend that a septic tank be cleaned every 2-3 years depending on usage. Frequencies for pumping the septic tank are based on water usage and the number of residents in the home. If a garbage disposal is being utilized, it is recommended that the septic tank be cleaned annually because food waste does not decompose as well in the septic tank, and in newer tanks can cause the outlet filter to clog. Some warning signs of septic trouble can include:
  •  Slow running drains
  •  Backups into the interior plumbing
  • Gurgling sounds in the pipes
  • The ground around the septic and leaching field may be soggy

Now, if you have gotten to the point where you are ready to the purchase the home and all of the home inspections are complete, then it’s your job to know how you can maintain your septic system. Here at Suburban Sanitation Service we offer every single one of those services that you need in regards to the septic system. From inspections to installations, to routine maintenance and emergency pump-outs, we’ve got you covered as always! If ever you have any questions or concerns, Suburban Sanitation Service is here to answer them all!

Happy House Hunting!

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